Mechanical Designs

Mechanical Design Consultancy Services on a Customized Basis

SPS mechanical design office coordinates mechanical projects from concept to layout, including feasibility studies, functional requirements, functional analyses, specifications, nomenclatures, calculation notes, chain dimensioning, and technical manuals.

We provide unique M&E engineering design solutions for your projects that are focused on lowering your operational expenses without compromising your strategic goals. Production expertise (ISO functional dimensioning and dimensional tolerancing) is fully incorporated into definition drawings to meet the needs of our customers. We can accomplish the following with our expertise:

Calculations of structural stability of systems subjected to static stresses (tensile strength calculations), vibration behaviors, rapid dynamic or dynamic (shock) to assess their sizes and structural behaviors throughout the design and validation stages

Thermal/fluid simulations that allow you to model/simulate and mitigate possible thermal issues (on mechanical and/or electrical components) based on different transfer mechanisms (conduction, convection & radiation)

Optimization calculations to lower the cost and time required to manufacture mechanical parts

With a combination of software tools for 3D Modelling, structural calculation and thermal simulation we have successfully executed design and implementations tasks for our numerous clients.

Here is a summary of our know-how.

Special machines, tooling
Hardened electrical boxes

Static stresses
Dynamic stresses
Fast dynamic stresses

Thermal simulation
Natural/forced convection

Innovative concepts
Architecture, system studies
Integration, validation

Our skilled mechanical design engineers use their breadth of knowledge to provide you with unique mechanical design consultation services throughout the life-cycle of your projects 

Our Mechanical Design Team Specialise In:

Full Mechanical Design Works (RIBA stage 1-7)
Mechanical Performance Specifications and Scope of Works (RIBA stage 1-3)
Air Conditioning & Comfort Cooling Plant
Mains Cold Water & Boosted Cold Water Systems
Renewable & Sustainable Solutions
Heat Generation Plant
District heating and Combined Heat & Power Generation
Hot & Cold Water Distribution
Hot Water Generation Plant
Gas Distribution Systems
Car Park Ventilation Designs
Above Ground Drainage
Below Ground Drainage/SUDs design and Hydrology design
Building Management & Control Systems
Compliant mechanical installations to comply with Building Regulations

In demanding applications such as those on parking decks, bridges, and stadiums, where structures are constantly exposed to the elements and subject to abrasive conditions, our high-performance waterproofing traffic membranes deliver outstanding durability and long life cycles.

Whether it’s terrace waterproofing, Waterproofing put to use advanced terrace waterproofing tactics and strategies to make the terrace 100% waterproof. We make efficient and robust measures for making the terrace waterproof.

We provide waterproofing either during construction or after the completion of the project. We use new methodologies for terrace waterproofing to make it free from leakage and seepage (yes, early waterproofing of terraces can increase the life span of the project)

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